Sales conditions


1. All products are guaranteed two years on manufacturing defects.


2. All claims must be documented by relevant photos or with a movie. Crazy Jump Snc reserves the right to request the return of the disputed product in order to ascertain the defect.


3. Before accepting the complaint, Crazy Jump Snc will execute detailed verification through its technicians or directly from the original manufacturer of the product.


4. In event of a justified claim, the customer can request:

A) The repair of the defective product.

B) The replacement of the defective product with the same or similar product.

C) The replacement of the defective product with a product of equal price.

D) The reimbursement of the product.


5. Transport costs are not subject to warranty, therefore they are excluded from reimbursement.


6. Crazy Jump Snc will evaluate, on a case by case and without engagement, the possibility to ship the new product at own expense.